Texas Investors

Announcing Our New Investor Program!

Close in as little as 3 days!

No survey required

All types of residential real estate

Loan amounts between $25,000 and $1 million

Stated income and stated asset programs. No income verification

No FICO minimums

Purchase and refi's

Will lend as much as 95% of purchase price and 75% of rehab on purchases!

Competitive hard money rates and no hidden fees

No prepayment penalty!

Sleep better with longer terms! 5 year balloon on all loans!

Call 915-920-7223 or email sabin@marquislending.com for more details!

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El Paso Investors

Get Financed

We offer investment loans to El Paso investors for the purchase of distressed real estate. We lend the purchase price, closing costs, and the cost of repairs to residential properties. Borrower down payment is determined by the value of the property and the extent of the repairs.

Loan Products

Contact us for a current list of loan programs and details. Rates starting at:

9.99 -11.99% interest only payments

4-5 points origination

5-30 year terms

Up to 70% LTV

No Pre-Payment Penalty, Investment Property ONLY, No Commercial loans.

Borrower Qualifications

The Minimum Credit Score Required will be adjusted monthly based on market refinance standards

Appraisal, Termite and Inspection Fees of $450.00 are due upon loan submission.

No Foreclosures on Credit Report.

El Paso Investors The repair costs will be released in the form of draws as the work is completed. The draw schedule will be agreed upon and included in the loan documentation.


To become pre-approved for our financing in less than 24 hours Apply online

Contact us with a property you would like financed. We'll require a copy of the executed purchase contract and for you to complete our final application which we will provide.

Pre-pay for your property appraisal, survey, termite and repair inspection. The fee of $450.00 must be in the form of a mailed or hand delivered check. Loan applications will not be reviewed or processed until payment is received.

You will need to order insurance as soon as possible for a minimum term of 6 months, additional insurance requirements will be included in loan application.